[Watch] Daft Punk Release Next Episode in Collaborators Video Series, Featuring Nile Rodgers

Holy crap. Taking a few days off for exams and essays, I didn't notice the barrage of Daft Punk news that has hit the web. First up is a new addition to the duo's ongoing video series, which focuses on the plentiful collaborators they've secured for their upcoming album Random Access Memories. The latest video features Chic frontman Nile Rodgers, who spends his screentime discussing his notable collaborations as well as recording time with Daft Punk at New York's Electric Lady Studios:

I feel like I’m working with contemporaries, with people who grew up with me and feel it the same way we felt the vibe when we were creating this stuff. They went back to go forward."

Check out the video below, and make sure to watch the first two featuring Giorgio Moroder and Todd Edwards.

In more Daft Punk news, a DJ from French radio station Fun Radio took to Twitter a few days ago, hinting at the premiere of a new Daft Punk single tomorrow, April 15th. Here's the tweet:

It's not confirmed, but given the amount of Daft Punk reveals these past few days it's definitely a possibility. Stay tuned.