[Listen] London Grammar - "Wasting My Young Years"

I didn't realise we'd never posted anything London Grammar related. So how about we get familiar now, yeah? I was introduced to the group back in February via their EP Metal & Dust. The three piece from London spent the majority of last year recording a debut album which will see the light of day fairly soon I imagine. They have just dropped a new single in the mean time though, titled "Wasting My Young Years" it's a strong vocal number with some lyrics I'm sure many of us can relate to in some way or another. The track, although pretty powerful vocally, is also pretty subtle in its electronics. One thing's for sure, it's sure to turn a few new heads towards their sound. We'll wait to see if a full length will deliver as much promise but for now, colour me impressed. I'm quite liking them. There's a pretty impressive live version of the track of on The Guardian's website too. I think they'll continue to gain more and more attention in the coming months, what do you think?