[Listen] Sigur Rós - "Ísjaki"

Sigur Rós have dished out another single from their upcoming album Kveikur, which will see the band going in a "more aggressive" direction. We got a sense of that with "Brennisteinn" and now you can hear it on their new song "Ísjaki." The band are streaming the single along with an accompanying lyric video—although it doesn't make all that much sense when the lyrics sung are either Icelandic or the band's made-up language Vonlenska—which you can watch below.

Kveikur is out on June 18th.

Kveikur Tracklist:
01. Brennisteinn
02. Hrafntinna
03. Ísjaki
04. Yfirbord
05. Stormur
06. Kveikur
07. Rafstraumur
08. Bláprádur
09. Var