[Watch] Queens of the Stone Age - "If I Had A Tail" (Official Video)

Ready for another Queens of the Stone Age post yet? Well I hope so as the band have uploaded the latest in their animated series. Keeping the tone similar to the dark and twisted video we've seen for "I Appear Missing", "Kalopsia", and just yesterday "Keep Your Eyes Peeled", today's offering for "If I Had A Tail" features a woman with a passion for dangerous driving. Along with her erratic driving habits, she also has a passenger seat full of Molotov cocktails. You can only throw so many of those things before you're going to piss somebody off, which is inevitably what she does. According to the video series' creator Boneface (who put it together with the help of animator Liam Brazier), the five animations we'll see "tell the story of a lonely character, traveling through a city without salvation. The stories are broken into pieces to create a shocking tale of violence and debauchery. "

QOTSA are set to release their first album in 6 years on June 4th via Matador Records. You can pre-order ...Like Clockwork over here.