[Watch] Queens of the Stone Age's 15-minute '...Like Clockwork' Short Film

Queens of the Stone Age have done a damn good job of keeping fans wanting more with their recently released animated video series. So now that we've seen all 5 videos they've compiled them into one easily digestible 15 minute clip of awesome. As mentioned before, the clip(s) was created by UK artist Boneface with the help of animator Liam Brazier and the results are a treat to behold. "Kalopsia", "I Appear Missing", "Keep Your Eyes Peeled", "If I Had A Tail" and "My God Is The Sun" will all feature on the band's stunning new album ...Like Clockwork which is released on June 4th via Matador Records. You can pre-order a copy over here.

Before you do that though, take 15 mintues from your day and hit play at the top.