[Preview] Live At Leeds 2013 - Who to watch?

So over the next few days a tonne of great bands will descend upon Yorkshire for Live at Leeds 2013. As is ever popular, a festival in a city spread out across numerous venues and bands ranging through many a genre. Check out the official website for a full list. There are some really interesting bands playing and some personal favourites too. Rather excited for an early start tomorrow and a train journey across thr country for it. We'll have a full review up for you next week but in the mean time I thought we'd pick out a few bands that, for me anyway, are a must see. Maybe some of you guys might feel the same way? Make the jump to see what we are getting hot under the collar about. Obviously we can't get to see every band we want, as with any festival, but we're going to try damn hard to catch as many as we can and advise you to do the same if you're going to be there.


Where: Leeds Uni "The Refectory"
When: 18.45
Why: London based, via Australia, Splashh make you long for summer days and hopefully tomorrow in Leeds, they'll do just that with their pop riff filled fuzzy tunes.

Where: Holy Trinity Church
When: 18:00
Why: Bringing a mix of moody and melody together doesn't always come across well but this wunderkind gets the balance perfect with his gritty guitar licks and vocal range. Definitely worth a watch.

Where: O2 Academy
When: 17:15
Why: Following up their highly acclaimed debut Baby soon with Wish to Scream, Tribes are destined for a huge second half of 2013. The new album brings a less guitar led sound, but instead takes a more lyric heavy route and the results are staggering. Be sure to see them deliver a mix of new and old in a live setting.
Where: Leeds Uni "The Refectory"
When: 16:45
Why: Back with a new album later this year, Dinosaur Pile-Up have that kind of early Foo Fighters vibe going on and in a live situation you'll most definitely be in for a treat. Catch them ahead of a full headline tour later in the year and be part of the lucky few to hear some new tracks before anyone else.
Where: Leeds Uni "Mine"
When: 22:00
Why: Well, this is a given isn't it? If you read SKoA you'll be aware of our fondness for the Leeds lads known as Hawk Eyes. Monster riffs and drums to shake your intestines, they deliver you with everything you could want from a live show every time and also melt your face in the process. So go finish off your day by watching these guys and getting a bit sweaty.