[Listen] Arctic Monkeys debut new song "Mad Sounds" Live in Sweden

We got to hear a brand new track from Arctic Monkeys just last month in the shape of "Do I Wanna Know?". While that song seemed to be a little dark and reminiscent of new Queens of the Stone Age, they've now premiered a softer track titled "Mad Sounds" live in Sweden. Performed during their set at Hultsfreds Festival, you can check out the live recording below that appeared online via the Arctic Monkeys US forums not too long ago. There's a nice little video too. Organ filled, and a definite nice mid-set break before the band performed "R U Mine?", it feels like a gentle breeze on a summers eve as it washes over you. Oh la la la.

Update: The band also played the track during the Danish NorthSide festival yesterday (Sunday 16th June). More footage can be seen below.