[Listen] Stream Jack Magma's New Single "SuperPowers"

Earlier today, Shey introduced you all to Men's Adventures, but the introductions don't stop there. We've got another new one for ya, a relative newcomer named Jack Magma. He's only released one song before this one, "Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?," which he released last November. Despite his limited material, this new song "SuperPowers" is somethin' else.

The song kicks off with bright '80s-inspired catchiness, unfolding with synths of all kinds. Deep groaning bass underlies a swath of colorful synthesizers straight from the sample bank of 1983, but where it really shines are the infused R&B elements. Magma's vocals are buttery smooth and sexual, with the whole song echoing a blend of Kindness and Miguel. It's fantastic. That vibe comes to a halt two-thirds in, as the bass drops and all we hear is distant, echoing synths and the grimey riffs of a reverbed guitar. The first minute had me sold. The whole song leaves me wanting more.

"SuperPowers" and "Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?" are the first two singles from Magma's upcoming debut EP An Electric Purple, set for release sometime this year. Stream both tracks below, or download them for free here.