[News] MGMT Announce New Self-Titled Album

MGMT teased earlier this year that their third album would be out by June, but as the month comes to a close the anxiety soaked in. Fret not, though! The duo have announced the follow-up to 2010's Congratulations. A self-titled effort, the record will be out on September 17th.

Spanning ten tracks, the album begins with "Alien Days"—for those who remember, the song was originally released as a Record Store Day 2013 exclusive—and continues with awesome titles like "Astro-Mancy" and "Cool Song No 2." The album also includes two songs that the band has performed live, "Mystery Disease" and "Your Life Is a Lie."

MGMT fans, go ahead and mark September 17th on your calendars. If it helps to pass the time, you can stream their single "Alien Days" over and over again.

MGMT Tracklist:
01. Alien Days
02. Cool Song No 2
03. Mystery Disease
04. Introspection
05. Your Life Is a Lie
06. A Good Sadness
07. Astro-Mancy
08. I Love You to Death
09. Plenty Of Girls in the Sea
10. An Orphan of Fortune