[Watch] Check Out Phoenix's Live Video for "Trying To Be Cool"

Phoenix take inspiration from the Rube Goldberg, one-take antics of OK Go, setting up an elaborately shot live video for "Trying To Be Cool." The band partnered with The Creators Project and the CANADA collective for the project, with the latter taking the director's helm. They pieced together a video that sounded stressful from its very conception:

In addition to a genius live performance of the track by the band, the video also sees two film crews tackling the impressive task of continuously swapping shots every twenty-five seconds. While one camera shoots, the other prepares the next shot; like a relay race, the cameras must pass the baton to each other to begin the next shot once twenty-five seconds are up, meaning if each camera is not set up, the video itself cuts to black. And if this isn’t pretty awesome in itself, the film crew and band are also, well, trying to be cool — each shot tops the excitement (and, sometimes, the absurdity) of the one before it. The resulting video, chock full of sparklers, confetti canons, fake money, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, motorcycles, fake mustaches, and much much more, is unlike any you’ve ever seen."

Check it out below.