[Watch] Interact with Sigur Rós' Live Webcast, Stream their Latest DJ Mix

Dresden, Germany was the site of Sigur Rós' live webcast concert in celebration of Kveikur, a launch party of sorts. One month later, the webcast has made its way on to the band's official website. The interactive replay allows viewers to switch between songs, move around the stage with full 360° views, and zoom in and out. If you want to see who was in the front row, you can do that—would you really, though? Unless you or a friend was in the front row, that'd be kind of weird. Anyways, check it out here.

Sigur Rós has also been DJing under the awesome pseudonym Triple Nipple as of late. Explaining the moniker, the band had this to say:

triple nipple represents what sigur ros do when they are off-duty – you know, for fun. some of it may be tough, cool and futuristic, some of it will no doubt be high-aroma fromage. most of the cool stuff comes courtesy of sigrun jonsdottir, the band’s trombone-wielding authority on baltimore club. guitarist kjartan holm, meanwhile, pitches in with some minimal hip-hop, orri with some dubstep and, yes, you’ve guessed it, jonsi brings the extensive cheeseboard. no-one involved lays claim to be able to mix, even remotely. this is how sigur ros get down and unwind in the dressing room and on the tour bus after a show. if you’d like a window on their world, come on in. if you are expecting a mystique enhancing exercise of deep solipsism, look away now."

After performing a live DJ set for Boiler Room Berlin last week, they've now thrown together a mix for FACT Magazine. Check out the 55-minute mix below.