[Beacons] Our Most Anticipated Artists of the Festival

As far as straight up awesome festival line-ups go, Beacons Festival has nailed one of the most diverse and ear pleasing rosters I've seen in recent years in 2013. The festival itself is an infant, still finding its feet in the ever growing rough terrain of the small festival wilderness in the UK and in 2011 it had to be cancelled due to the good old UK weather. Last year was a raging success however and this year promises to be bigger and better than that. We'll be heading over to the site in Skipton, Yorkshire, tomorrow morning to take in the gorgeous countryside, and of course some of the top notch line-up while we're there. We may have to try a good sample of the amazing Ales on offer too, but we'll talk about that next week. If you make the jump you can see who we're very eager to see and what we think will make for a very special weekend. 

Who: Local Natives

Why? Their second album showed a growth from the LA band, evolving from Gorilla Manor into a mature, more subtle in places, but every bit as sonically brilliant band. Hummingbird is sure to see their live dynamic grow too. Their live performances are pure brilliance as is and we're sure this will be a highlight of the weekend for many. 

Who: Ghostpoet

Why? His ear pricking style of spoken word and rap are sure to burrow their way into your subconscious, talking to memories you long forgot about. Paired with his multiple styles of backing, he's certainly one to watch during your times in the fields. 

Who: Danny Brown

Why? On the surface when you first see Danny Brown you may just laugh. Don't judge a book by its cover, for Danny is going from strength to strength and if there's an artist who deserves more recognition here in the UK it's this Detroit export. Tongue in cheek, all the while keeping your attention firmly fixed between the ridiculous and the serious. He will not disappoint.

Who: Lulu James

Why? Lulu hails from the north east of the UK and offers up an infusion of throwbacks to the 70's combined with modern tendencies. Her sound is being called "21st Century Soul" and upon hearing her infectious tracks it's easy to see why. Think Donna Summers meets Grace Jones with a brand new twist. Pop to see Lulu and get you glad rags on, 'cause she's bound to be dressed better than you. 

Who: Fucked Up

Why? If you're fancying something a little more brash. Maybe you're feeling a little worse for wear over the weekend and need a pick me up, go see Fucked Up. The Canadian hardcore punks will leave you out of breath and still wanting more. Their live shows pack in more energy than most within the opening 5 minutes. 

Who: Findlay

Why? Findlay hails from Manchester but when you first hear her you'd be forgiven for thinking she comes from Tennessee next door to Jack White for she wears her influences firmly on her sleeves and the results re magnificent. Raw, powerful and in your face blues rock.

Who: Wet Nuns

Why? Wet Nuns hail from Yorkshire, so it's fitting that they should play one of its best festivals this summer. The two piece bring more noise than most bands twice their size in numbers. Think desert rock sounds like Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age with enough guitar noise to warrant two sets of ear plugs. The guys even have their own festival; Detestival. They don't take nonsense, and neither should you. Go watch 'em.