[News] The Field Announces New LP, 'Cupid's Head'

Minimal techno mastermind The Field (the moniker of Axel Willner) is back with a new album, his first since 2011's Looping State of Mind. If you haven't heard his stuff before, his three previous albums are really quite excellent. Each clocks in at about an hour, giving you plenty of minimal electronic to lose yourself in. This latest effort, titled Cupid's Head, will see the artist movig in a new direction (sort of), opting for live instrumentation throughout as opposed to his usual synthesized affair. It will also be a darker album tonally, hence the brooding gray artwork pictured above. Fitting, right? Willner spoke on the album, saying:

When I started to work on Cupid’s Head, it was quite awkward. I felt that I had nothing to put into a new album and I’m not the type to sit down and force something out in the studio. But then, after a few modest attempts, I got a first loop together and running which turned out (in a short time) to be ‘No.No…’. It was a revelation of sorts as making it felt new to me, and different, and that’s when it all came out. (This album) is about visions of the future, tiny actions and their consequences, about sentimentality and most certainly… about life."

Cupid's Head will be released on September 30th.

Cupid’s Head Tracklist:
01. They Won’t See Me
02. Black Sea
03. Cupid’s Head
04. A Guided Tour
05. No. No…
06. 20 Seconds Of Affection