[News] Albert Hammond Jr. Details New EP

The Strokes' guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. appeared on Har Mar Superstar's podcast last month, where he let slip that he has a new solo EP in the works. He didn't say much more than that, but all the details are here now thanks to the ever-helpful press release. The EP is titled AHJ and is due out on October 8th.

AHJ was produced and recorded at Hammond's own studios in Manhattan and upstate New York with the help of longtime producer Gus Oberg. Hammond spoke on the album's influences, saying:

Once you play music for a living, you’re always thinking about stuff. Conversations with friends and things you hear in movies – things come up and become lyrics. Hearing other people's songs becomes like competition – you hear something and mentally you want to beat it. Life in general is pretty inspiring."

No word yet on whether or not we will hear a single before the EP is released, but keep your eyes peeled.

AHJ Tracklist:
01.  Cooker Ship
02.  Strange Tidings
03.  Carnal Cruise
04.  Rude Customer
05.  St. Justice