[Album Stream] Check Out All 9 Tracks from Washed Out's Sophomore LP 'Paracosm'

Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, had a clear goal with his new sophomore album Paracosm. He wanted to create an album that was "optimistic, very much a daytime-sounding album. I think the last record [2011's Within and Without] felt more nocturnal in some ways. This one I just imagined being outside, surrounded by a beautiful, natural environment."

Assisting this bright, natural sound were over 50 various instruments, recorded and sampled by Greene and producer Ben Allen in Athens and Atlanta, GA. The result is 9 songs of varying depth and layering, each with unique charm and flourish. Greene wants to share these with you one week before Paracosm hits stores. Head over to iTunes to stream the album in its entirety, and check out the video for "Don't Give Up" below.

Paracosm Tracklist:
01. Entrance
02. It All Feels Right
03. Don’t Give Up
04. Weightless
05. All I Know
06. Great Escape
07. Paracosm
08. Falling Back
09. All Over Now