[Watch] Skream - "Rollercoaster" Feat. Sam Frank (Official Video)

Skream is a talented fellow that likes to mix things up a bit every now and again. He's offered us up a variety of tracks over the years. His latest is a disco-centric track, "Rollercoaster", is the perfect feel-good tune to lighten up the tension before you let your hair down this evening. It features some ear stroking vocals from Sam Frank and it's like sipping down a refreshing gin and tonic after a long hard day. The video is entertaining too, showing us the tale of a young gent frantically trying to plan a party as the world is set to be hit by a huge asteroid. You've seen the movies, unless they've got Bruce Willis on speed dial, earth is pretty much screwed. Make sure to stick around until the end for the disco-ball bonanza.