[Watch] Wavves debut GTA V featuring "Nine Is God" live on Conan

Tomorrow marks the day many of us will be "sick" and have to stay home from work. The world could go into melt down for all we know. Forget about the Y2K bug 'cause tomorrow is release day for GTA V, the most expensive game ever created. It actually cost more to make than most Hollywood Blockbusters, second only to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. There's some useless pub quiz knowledge for your Monday morning. As is the standard with Grand Theft Auto we can expect a vast array of entertaining radio stations and DJ's to keep us company as we roam the incredibly large map. One of said radio stations will be hosted by none other than Nathan Williams of Wavves and last week the band debuted a brand new track live on Conan that they've created especially for the game. Titled "Nine Is God" you can check out the performance above. Peep "Afraid of Heights" below too while you're at it. Notice Nathan's ltd ed "Los Santos" snapback.

Prepare your excuses for your boss tomorrow. Lucky for me I am the boss and I've already handed myself a doctor's note stating I will be out of action for the foreseeable future!