[Listen] Check Out Cults' Latest Track, "High Road"

"I Can Hardly Make You Mine," the first single from Cults' sophomore album, was quite an upbeat affair, reveling in psychedelic guitar riffs and echoing harmonies. Their latest offering is a bit more subdued, though. "High Road" is a mid-tempo number, restraining loudness in exchange for haunting atmosphere and richer sounds. The end result is something more somber and emotionally provocative, proving that Cults aren't holding back on this new record. Stream it below.

Static is out on October 15th.

Static Tracklist:
01. I Know
02. I Can Hardly Make You Mine
03. Always Forever
04. High Road
05. Were Before
06. So Far
07. Keep Your Head Up
08. TV Dream
09. We’ve Got It
10. Shine A Light
11. No Hope