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[News] Ryan Hemsworth Announces New LP, Streams First Single "Against A Wall"

Canadian producer extraordinaire Ryan Hemsworth casually slipped in some exciting news last week, revealing that on October 22nd he would be releasing a new full-length album titled Guilt Trips. The LP will see Hemsworth digging deeper into his musical inspirations, going "beyond the hip hop, r&b and dance music world to inspirations that sprout from a time before he made the type of music that people have come to expect." For an initial taste of the upcoming release he has shared the first single, titled "Against A Wall." Check out the track below, featuring vocals from Miami rapper Lofty305.

Hemsworth shared his thoughts on "Against A Wall" and on Guilt Trips as a whole, saying:

I reached out to friends and people I admire really. I wanted kind of unexpected collaborations and people with a uniqueness to them, instead of just reaching out to random top-liners. Someone like Lofty305, who has a weird, certainly not trained voice, made sense for "Against A Wall" because I wanted it to match the mood of the track. That's so much more important to me than making a perfect song. I just wanted to flesh out that charming imperfection on a lot of the tracks. When I asked the people on it to do their parts, I didn't direct them too much but just asked them to think of a breakup or a time when they felt weird or shitty from love. All of my music is sparked from love in some form or another I think, so this album is kind of just a capsule of different moods caused by love."

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