[Listen] Mapaga - Realia EP (Full EP Stream)

I hate how easy it is to lose track of an artist you were really excited about unless you like, put a weekly reminder in your calendar to go stalk their website, etc. James Yuill is one of those people that unfortunately fell off my radar after the release of his album Turning Water Into Air back in 2007. (Sheezus that's a long time ago!) Anyway, from a quick skim around the internet it appears I have a bit of catching up to do in order to be fully back up to speed on the London folktronica mastermind. Fortuantely, I get to live in the now with the release of his side project Mapaga's EP Realia, which dropped earlier today. Being the wonderful chap that he is, James has offered a stream of the full EP so you can try before you buy. While his solo work (or at least what I have heard in the past) accurately fits within the "folktronica" genre that has been brilliantly applied to him, this is much darker, glitchier stuff than I've heard from him before. Lots of basstastic wobbly awesomeness and all of that. Really glad to see that he's developed so much further than when I first laid ears on him. 

Have a listen to Mapaga's Realia EP below. Once you've found you can't live without it, be a love and go grab it on iTunes, mkay? Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I have some catching up to do. 

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