[Night Out] Little May @ Mercury Lounge (10/20/2015)

Little May @ Mercury Lounge (10/20/2015) photo credit: @sproutdr

Little May @ Mercury Lounge (10/20/2015) photo credit: @sproutdr

Still riding the fumes of my CMJ high, I proceeded to see how long I could make my at least one band a day streak last. Obviously CMJ had me at 5 straight days, that Sunday I went to see Good Morning play Rock Shop in Brooklyn sans-camera, and then I remembered that Sprout and I had Little May that Monday at Mercury Lounge! I went a full week! It was awesome. Not to mention that Little May are Australian too so I technically had a 3 day streak of Aussie kids to support, so that was great as well. Sprout and I had been super pumped to see them ever since we first heard, "Home" back in July. The trio certainly did not disappoint. With their debut full-length For The Company being just a couple of weeks old at that point, you couldn't tell by how much the rest of the crowd was into it. With the kind of energy they were able to harness inside Merc, I see big things for them on the horizon.

Make sure you check out their debut album For The Company if you haven't already.

Here are all of Sprout's snaps from the show:

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