[Listen] ANAMAI - "Lucia"

Anna Mayberry of ANAMAI (also of  HSY )

Anna Mayberry of ANAMAI (also of HSY)

After falling in love with HSY during CMJ last year I wanted to dig deep to make sure I was a well informed fan of the Canadian noisy-punk outfit. In my researching I learned that singer/guitarist Anna Mayberry is a multi-talented badass. In addition to giving the guys in her band a run for their money with the fire she throws down, she's also a dancer/choreographer who is working on/possibly may have completed her BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia AND has an experimental folk side project of her own called ANAMAI with fellow Canadian David Pstuka of Egyptrixx/Hiawatha fame. After a dropping a self-titled EP in 2013, the duo will be releasing their debut full length, Sallows, which is slated for a March 10th 2015 release on Buzz Records. 

The first sampling from Sallows is the delightfully dreary lead track, "Lucia". The song exudes a heaviness that forces you to stop dead in your tracks to give it your undivided attention. The music is equally simplistic as it is heavy, showcasing a dichotomy between Mayberry's elegant and borderline breathy vocals over delicately sludgy strumming. 

Have a listen to "Lucia" below. 

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