[Night Out] Ghost @ Terminal 5 (09/27/2015)

On a chilly Sunday night, which also happened to be the night that there was a "super blood moon" looming over New York City, I don't think that Sprout and I could have picked a better place to be than at Terminal 5 for the "ritual" that was Sweden ghoul-rock band Ghost's performance. Surrounded by a sea of men with long locks that Sprout would describe as, "a Pantene commercial for Satan" frontman Papa Emeritus III and his faceless ghouls would direct us all through the evening's ritual.

Normally any show at Terminal 5 not tucked away up in VIP is a total nightmare, but I forget that for the most park that the hard rock/metal scene hasn't been infiltrated by swarms of hipsters waiting to gobble up the next fad genre that comes their way, so everyone was polite and ultra pleasant. We even saw a few very well behaved children! YES, CHILDREN WERE PRESENT AT THIS RITUAL. I meant to keep an eye on them to make sure they weren't sacrificed backstage after the show, but #bffl and I wanted to make sure we got to make some face time with the super blood moon and shout our wishes at it (don't ask me about this, ask Sprout tbh).

Have a listen to Ghost's latest release, Meliora below. The band is currently touring like crazy in North America so be sure to have a look at their tour dates to see if they're coming to a city near you.