[Watch] SIVIK - "High" (Official Video)

Here is another photograph of the side of SIVIK's face....

Here is another photograph of the side of SIVIK's face....

After over a year of playing this song in unhealthy amounts, Nashville/LA artist SIVIK has finally unveiled a video for his addictive (pun intended obviously) single, "High". The video is...fine. It's your standard "here is a pretty girl dancing in slow motion against a crisp background" for the majority of it. The only payoff for the video in my opinion is I KNOW WHAT MORE THAN PART OF THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD LOOKS LIKE NOW

Hooded almost the entire time, SIVIK hints that he might actually be ready to step out into the spotlight and take what should rightfully be his if he were aggressive enough. I get that opting to go the mysterious route sounds nice, but if after a year of elusive press/EP photos you decide to appear in your own video and you're being spliced in hooded and poorly lit, it comes off less mysterious and more self conscious. This makes no sense to me because HE'S COMPLETELY ADORABLE.

You can't hide from me, SIVIK. I am an OG nerd so I ripped your video in order to get the best possible screenshot of your cute little face: 

Poorly lit but THERE HE IS! Shy SIVIK??

Poorly lit but THERE HE IS! Shy SIVIK??

I know this is a weird thing to be critical of, but folks who are committed to being mysterious wear masks, use animations as representations of themselves, etc. They really lean into it.

I think SIVIK wants to be seen.

I think SIVIK needs to be seen.

And heard. 

...by lots and lots of people. 

It has definitely been awhile since he released anything new so I'm excited that next month he's slated to release a new single, "All Day All Night".

Until then, please feel free to re-watch this video as many times as you need to so you can get the image of the side of his head replaced with his cute little face.