[Watch] Nodaway - "Chariot (Official Video)"

Nashville you're on a rolllllllllllll y'all! Why weren't the local bands in Nashville all this good when I lived there? I mean damn I would've at least considered stickin' around for at LEAST another... week... maybe.... before inevitably packing my bags and hightailing it to New York. 

After being thoroughly delighted by fellow Belmont alum Nodaway's debut single "Hairspray" and subsequent EP 500 Days of Whatever ***which is still my favorite album name of 2015*** , the band is back with a new single and an even snazzier video than last time. I had already been on board with their punchy poptasticness, but this new track, "Chariot" honestly caught me off guard in terms of how quickly they've managed to develop in such a short period of time. Although I've never had children, I liken it to sending your kid off to summer camp and he/she returning a foot taller. It's clear that they've chosen a artistic direction, both musically and visually, and it more than suits them. 

We know how good I am with artsy videos. I have no idea what all of the elements are supposed to mean in this video but man is it entertaining to watch. WARNING: when the song ends they show some fun footage of the folks involved goofing off and someone gets quite the scrape. If you're squeamish, it's slightly NSFL. 

Either way, enjoy new Nodaway! 

Also a fun thing I learned while trying to make sure I was up to speed on all things Nodaway. Did not know you could actually purchase Nodaway branded hairspray that smells like watermelon and has a QR code so you can download their EP for free. THIS IS VERY CLEVER AND I ENJOY THIS GREATLY. Here is what said b(r)anded hairspray looks like: 

Attraction enhancers, EH? Guess I'll need to acquire a can of this to see if I can attract some attention while I'm shopping for records at Rough Trade on a Friday night. Kiiiiiiind of kidding? Not about shopping for records on Friday night (unless there's a show).