[Night Out] Jamie Woon @ Bowery Ballroom (02/05/2016)

It's been a long time coming, but last night New York City got the sWOONfest that they've been waiting for. Fresh off the heels of his sophomore release Making Time, which dropped back in November of last year, Jamie Woon was finally able to make it stateside and grace the Bowery Ballroom with his presence a few weeks back. Of all the crowds I've experienced recently, the fam who showed up for Jamie Woon were by far my favorite. Everyone was so wonderful to each other and so beside themselves to finally see him live. Adorable doesn't begin to describe how fun it was to watch. 

It was a memorable night for one and all for sure: in addition to singing us all into a sexy stupor, I'm fairly certain we witnessed Woon's first time having a fan throw their bra on stage. I was standing right next to this fan when completely unprovoked I saw her fumble around inside her shirt before tossing her bra in his direction. 

Please look at his face seconds into realizing what happened. I still can't believe I got this shot:

The most entertaining part about this whole ordeal is that the second he walked off stage before returning for the encore was that she was struggling to try and GET HER BRA BACK. Apparently it was a very nice bra. lol 

Ladies: if you want to toss your bra on stage, more power to you. I personally don't get what that does for you, but if you want an entertainer to know you think they're sexy or whatever. Cool. That said, COMMIT TO YOUR EXPRESSION. If you think you might try to pull this... maybe go get a less expensive bra so you're not anxious once you've flung it? I can't even believe I'm saying this right now, lmao. 

Anyway, after I convinced this fan to wait until the performance was done in case she knocked over his microphone in the process, she disclosed to me that she was a little embarrassed because she got caught up in the moment of it. Apparently this girl had flown in from Mexico City just for this show because he only had THREE North American tour dates. Props to you even with your minor lapse in judgement, girl. #RESPECT

If you have not heard Making Time yet shame on you. I'm still sorting out a copy of this on vinyl. Damn do I hate how expensive imports are. 

For those of you not in the US, Woon is making the rounds in the UK and Europe at the moment, so you best get on that.