[Watch] Butter - "Lifted" (Official Video)


ohhh myyy godddd what is this video?! I need to watch this another like 20 times to make sure I properly bask in its majesty. This is the weird shit I live for. 

After releasing this confectionery-esque concoction last month, LA's Butter has unveiled the video for, "Lifted", which is out courtesy of We Are: The Guard. 

Y'all know I can get down with refrigerators humping and the like, but I think it's the deadpan sexy vibes that Butter is throwing that had me HOWLING and unable to look away at this video for three consecutive plays. 

Danin Jacquay aka Death Cats directed this quirky ass clip and incorporates some unlikely props in the wonderfully whacky neon world of "Lifted". 

I am literally just so impressed that someone could cuddle up to spaghetti like that and never flinch. Or maybe there was a lot of flinching in the outtakes? I don't even care I have to go watch this again. 

Also between her name and the weirdness of the video I just want to post every whacked out Paula Dean meme I can find for the rest of the day. 

Here, I'll leave you with my favorite: