[SONG OF THE DAY] Fischerspooner (feat. Caroline Polachek) - "Togetherness"


When last we met, Fischerspooner was reportedly dropping SIR on September 22nd. It would appear that they felt like they needed more time to roll this record out, unfortunately. That said, if the rest of the record continues to be as uncontrollably hot as "Have Fun Tonight" and today's song of the day, "Togetherness", then obviously it's going to be worth waiting until February 16th now. 

If you haven't seen the video yet and are into perfectly sculpted bodies then it is an absolutely must see. Also really into Caroline Polachek's addition to the track. Very nice touch. 

NYC fam PLEASE go to Brooklyn Steel tonight because I ran off on tour and cannot. I am trying not to punch myself in the face for missing their first NYC show in like 10 fucking years. Go go go. Please go. Oh my god please go.