[SONG OF THE DAY] Lye Marlow - "Headlights'

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Lye Marlow is a passion project for songwriter/producer Clare Moses. The name is inspired by the character Charlie Marlow from Joseph Conrad’s novel “Heart Of Darkness”, who tells a lie in order to preserve - or rather fabricate an important sense of honor and romance where it never existed. It represents fantasy as something that is both necessary and dangerous. Lye is also a deadly chemical that is used to make soap, and the mythology of the name speaks to that idea - that sometimes what appears to cleanse can also poison.

Her new track, "Headlights" was written when Moses was allowing someone else's behavior to make her feel like she wasn't enough. She notes, "The song is about challenging that inclination and asserting that anyone who doesn't see your light is missing the point. It's an anthem of self-empowerment, and a stance against anyone who would denigrate your character under the glare of their assumptions."