[SONG OF THE DAY] The Living End - "Drop The Needle"


Happy October aka the best month for music (imo)!

I feel like I need to kick this month off with one of my all time favorites since high school who just dropped their eighth studio album on Friday.

Do you know The Living End? You should know The Living End. These awesome Aussies(!) were the first imports I ever bought back in….1997?? Either way I’ve loved them ever since. These guys have consistently delivered solid punk/psychobilly jams for over two decades now and their recent album, Wunderbar, is no exception.

As much as I enjoyed the singles leading up to the album dropping, be being the deep cuts diva that I am I have found myself living for “Drop The Needle”, an upbeat energy-filled track rooted in reflection. This song was built for impromptu road trips and celebrating how playing certain records will always connect you to memories, both good and bad. If you don’t feel a warm smile spread across your face by the end of the chorus the first time it kicks in then you might be dead inside, just saying.

No word on whether or not the trio will head to the states to support this record, but you can bet if that happens I won’t be able to shut up about it. I’m just realizing I haven’t seen these guys since 1999 when they played the same Warped Tour that Eminem was at. O_o