[SONG OF THE DAY] Holy Ghost! - "Anxious"



The dynamic disco duo have returned and managed to coax West End Records out of a 30 YEAR RETIREMENT/HIATUS to release their upcoming 4-track 12” EP, Anxious. That’s right, this is infamous disco label’s first original release in OVER 30 YEARS 😱.

The EP will feature the original and a Tom Moulton remix on Side A, and Side B will have the 1977 classic ‘Spirit Of Sunshine’ by Chuck Davis Orchestra as well as a Holy Ghost! remix of that one. Anxious is out 10/26 on West End Records, which you can pre-order here. BONUS WE LOVE: a portion of proceeds with benefit the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and LifeBeat.

Holy Ghost! have also announced that in addition to a couple of upcoming shows at Good Room and Philadelphia Museum of Art this month that the band will be performing at Elsewhere on January 24th 2019. I am excited to be making advanced plans to dance my ass off (and also to be over with 2018…).