[SONG OF THE DAY] Humans - "Breakfast With Liz"


Vibey Vancouver duo HUMANS announced last week that next month they’ll be dropping an album called Going Late. Although they didn’t specify a release date (ugh) they DID release a new song (eee!), “Breakfast With Liz”.

When I try to describe HUMANS to people I normally say something like, “oh they’re sexy electro jams that you strut around to in the dead of night when you go out dancing”. Apparently this is a spot on description for the guys, because as Robbie Slade told Clash, “This song is about bouncing around from party to party in the rain. A thing that often happens to the youth of Vancouver, thanks to our thriving underground scene. As these nights can get somewhat out of hand, the simple refrain is a mantra to help keep one grounded.”

To accompany the song, other half of the duo, Peter Ricq directed the video, which takes place in a laundromat and TOTALLY didn’t go in the direction that I thought it would so be sure to watch this all the way through! “This was the most challenging video to date,” Ricq explained to Clash, “and when your mother says 'I watched it, it's not for me' you know you did it right... we've achieved our goal.”

Yep. It’s one of those.

Watch now!