[SONG OF THE DAY] Methyl Ethel - "Scream Whole"


It feels only fitting that I get to excited share during music + tech conference MondoNYC (which is supposed to replace the void in my chest that CMJ left) that Methyl Ethel is working on more new music! Singer Jake Webb is not one to stop writing and apparently the second that their last record, Everything Is Forgotten, was out across the interwebs that he took almost no time to start writing again. As he told ABC Australia, "It helps with the album anxiety, because it's like, 'that's not it'. I've got a few demos that I can be really excited about."

This latest song, “Scream Whole”, is another hypnotic number from the group, although this time they incorporate more synths than the usual guitar stylings. The song will be on their upcoming third album that will be out early next year. As of today Webb isn’t allowed to reveal a name of the album either, but you can rest assured knowing I will of course report back when I have an update on that.