[SONG OF THE DAY] Michl - "Pulse"


When Riverside, California artist Michl hit the scene in 2016 I was borderline obsessed with his self-titled EP. Since then he’s trickled out a handful of singles including his latest, “Pulse”, which dropped last week. The reflective song about love and loss was over a year in the making. According to Michl,

"John Calvert and I started this song in London and I worked on lyrics for over a year...I can't even count how many times I rewrote it. After a session with Justin Tranter and Kennedi, I knew the direction the song should go. I almost let this song die a few times, but glad it finally came together."

Thankfully he didn’t give up on the song, which is full of staticy ebbs and flows paired with emotive lyricism. It follows prior 2018 releases, “Fight It Rough04”, “Borrowed Time”, “Tell Her”, “I’d Do It All Again”, and “Better With You”, so be sure to have a listen to those as well if you’re getting caught up on his latest movements like I admittedly had to.

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