[SONG OF THE DAY] Sure Sure - "Idiot"


No one in music right now is having as much fun being in a band than LA’s Sure Sure.

No one. It’s just not possible.

This band is so pure that it’s next to impossible to not get the warm and fuzzies from merely thinking about them. I have had the pleasure of catching these guys twice and their live shows are jam packed full of laughs and super fun synchronized dance moves. We love good people making equally as good (if not better) music. We love them even more when their hoodies are the softest thing of your entire life.

As the band explains, their latest single, “Idiot”, is a song “about judging a person from afar and then realizing you are that person. It’s also about embracing your dysfunctionality and ripping a guitar solo.”

The band has been out on the road with other SKOA favorites Wilderado and there’s just one show left of the tour. If you happen to be in Salt Lake City and could use a posi-party then head to Kilby Court on Friday (11/16)….and definitely grab a hoodie good Lorde that thing is seriously so soft. I’ve barely taken mine off since I got it.