[SONG OF THE DAY] Dan D'Lion - "Give What You Take"


Oooo y’all I just found a brank spanking new baby band for you!

Fresh out of the box with his debut single only a few hours old, please meet London newcomer Dan D’Lion. His debut single, “Give What You Take” is a vibey blend of electro-pop and nu-funk that deals with the idea of capturing polarizing aspects of your personality. Over the past few years he’s been writing/producing for artists like Salen, Punctual, Delilah Montagu, Zilo, and Feder, all the while working on his debut release.

Drawing inspiration from his time working with artists, writers and producers, both in London and internationally, the music for his personal project is written, produced and performed in full by himself. "This was the first track I wrote for myself where everything started to make sense,” he noted, “As it all came together it felt like a real turning point, and the lyrics actually ended up becoming motivational to myself in a way, taking away the daunting aspect of crafting something for myself."

This is one hell of a first impression. Very anxious to hear what else this Dan D’Dude has up his sleeves.