[SONG OF THE DAY] Monarchy - "Deep Cut"

Photo courtesy of  Monarchy’s Instagram

Photo courtesy of Monarchy’s Instagram


Here I oh so innocently thought that longtime SKOA fam Monarchy were gonna do their usual ultra secretive thing and not release another single until the top of the new year, but my most favorite fellows decided to spread a little holiday magic in the form of their new single, “Deep Cut”. In addition to the single we also have an official release date for their third studio album, Mid:Night. 2019 will not be wasting time being the best fucking year in a long time as Mid:Night will be dropping on January 18th. Following up title track, “MidNight” which was released way way back in March, “Deep Cut” further leans into the ultra-seductive aesthetic update that these new tracks are exuding. Not to mention the newly unveiled tracklist alludes to a more mature set of material.

For those of you across the pond, you’ll have whole days to learn all of Mid: Night before they kick off their 6-day UK tour (see below). The rest of us will have to wait and see just how many extra blessings both 2019 and Monarchy will bring to us.

Tracklist of Mid: Night :

1.Back to the Start 
2. Deep Cut 
3. Get Into the Night 
4. Deadset Lust 
5. MidNight 
6. Hula Hoop 8000 
7. Racie's Cousin 
8. Cumming Eat