[SONG OF THE DAY] Wrabel - "First Winter"

photo courtesy of Yazz Alali via  Billboard

photo courtesy of Yazz Alali via Billboard

Oh my beloved bae-bel it is so good to see you finally releasing some of your own material this year. That’s not to say the beloved Wrabel hasn’t been cranking out any hits, Kesha stans know that the homey co-wrote her inspirational anthem for equality, “Here Comes The Change”. In addition to co-writes, the sweetest soul in the music industry also launched a collection of sketches for purchase through UK collective Landmark Street Art (spoiler alert: I want all of them).

At any rate, his new song, “First Winter” is a subtle but super sweet winter-themed love song that dropped last week. Yesterday, Billboard unveiled the accompanying video featuring a winter holiday-themed scavenger hunt so his partner can find him. Apparently this song is very personal for Wrabel because it will be the first time 11 years of living in LA that he’s going to spend the holidays with someone that he’s in love with and now my heart is so very very very full. 💖🎄