[SONG OF THE DAY] Client Liaison - "Survival In The City"


No, I am not going to shut up about Client Liaison until every single last one of you is converted. It is one of my personal goals in 2018 to help this band take over America, like not even joking. I thank the Lorde every day that Slum Sociable brought this band into my life. Every time I see Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller's faces pop up in my feeds I am just overcome with joy. Everything about their aesthetic is so effortless and yet so clearly well thought out that it doesn't come off as just some overt gimmick they're using as a marketing ploy. They have essentially created a parallel universe that just so happens to nestle right on top of this one. Playing their music, watching their music videos, or wearing their high fashion merch are those magical moments where you become a part of said parallel universe where extravagance is status quo and having a good time is the #1 priority. "Survival In The City" is essentially the anthem for those of us called to be living our best night lives in our respective big cities. 

Last month during Australian Fashion Week the band put on a fashion show for their aforementioned high fashion merch line, Client Liaison Deluxe Line, which ended with a live performance. Yes, I was so excited to watch this in real-time on Facebook live that I SET AN ALARM TO WAKE ME UP AT 6AM FOR IT. I am committed. Since you likely missed it, please check out how incredibly badass it was:

Seriously, I can't wait for you to join me in the non-stop party that is Client Liaison. We are going to have the best time together.