[SONG OF THE DAY] The Wild Wild - "Stereo"


Bless The Algorithm™ and the wonderful ways it sends me songs. As much as I love to shower affection on Discover Weekly, have you ever just sit back after a song ends on Soundcloud and see what autoplay sends your way? 

Last week it sent me LA's The Wild Wild and subsequently one of my favorite all time lyrics from today's SOTD, "Stereo": 

"You can touch my body but you can't touch my stereo"

I feel like this corner of the internet lives and dies by this sentiment sometimes, no? lol 

Right back to more about The Wild Wild: Benjamin Dunn is the brainchild behind the project. Per the little amount of info available on his Soundcloud, apparently his latest album, Love Is God, was written and recorded in what's described as a recycled tiny wooden house studio in Highland Park in Los Angeles where he also lived. Kind of sounds like this dude made this all in a shed, which, once you feast your ears on this... is insanely impressive. Like seriously, fuck bedroom producers. Garden shed producers are what's up now! 

No but really, this is some perfectly polished power pop. Major labels spend a shitload of money to make records sound this tight and this dude was just chillin in his not-exactly-a-shed-but-mostly-a-shed and crushed it 

Love Is God is a followup to last year's release Into The Sea, into the Stars, which I cannot wait to get better acquainted with along with the rest of his various EPs and singles from the past couple of years. 

I wish I knew more about this dude but he left me on read on Instagram and there's no other way to get in touch with him to learn more sooooooo.