[SONG OF THE DAY] Henry Nowhere - "Good Thing"


We return to our regularly scheduled programming with this Bay Area born (now LA based) bb.

Fam, please get to Henry Nowhere. He is about to be a very very good thing for your ears. His latest offering, "Good Thing", comes from his forthcoming EP titled Not Going Back, which will be out on September 14th. This lovely little lo-fi jam explores the space that being in a long-term relationship gives for love and vulnerability to grow. It's effortlessly catchy and makes you feel like you just woke up from a really sweet dream about your lover. 

If you want to be in a further happy haze, make sure to have a listen to his previously released tracks that are also on Not Going Back, "Not Going Back" and "Problems Of The Heart". 

I'm off to swoon over these a little more. Happy Friday!