[SONG OF THE DAY] Tom Aspaul - "Going Down"

Photo by Alice Rainis

Photo by Alice Rainis


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It’s the best day of the weeeeeeek! I am happy to alert you to one of the best humans to ever grace the internet. Today London’s Tom Aspaul released his latest single, “Going Down”, a catchy little number surprisingly enough about dealing with grief and depression. He’s really crafted a perfectly pain-filled pop song, the kind of tune that makes you do a double take at what he’s actually saying because you get lost in the poptastic production. I’m one for dancing my problems away and this is going to be one I reach for from now on when I’m having one of those days.

If this is your first taste of Tom, please make sure you get well acquainted with the variety of music projects he’s been a part of.

Also, love yourself and follow him on Instagram. I live for his IG story bubble to come up and I know plenty of friends who stan equally as hard for them.