[SONG OF THE DAY] Chris Ayer - "Stranger"



Fam, it’s time you got well acquainted with Los Angeles artist Chris Ayer. After dropping tracks like “Stay Another Night” and “Heavy” in 2017, I have been eagerly waiting to hear what 2018 would have in store for him. According to my sources (ie: from Ayer’s mouth on stage at Rockwood Music Hall stage 2 last week), “Stranger” is the first of many singles to come this fall and well through next year. While “Stay Another Night” and “Heavy” indicate that he’s ready to be more than *just* a singer-songwriter, from a lyrical standpoint you can tell from “Stranger” that Ayer is ready to deeply examine his personal experiences and be a lot more vulnerable than he’s been in the past.

As he told Atwood Magazine on Tuesday when they premiered the song, “I always try to find an honest way of telling a story, but for me this song ended up striking a nerve in a really specific way. It can be a strange time to try to make real new connections in the world, so I just wanted to reflect that, and just how weird it can be to be a person sometimes. “

how weird it can be to be a person sometimes. Yeah, this dude is clearly my people. haha.

There are so many different things you can take away from “Stranger”. With every listen it stirs up different micro frustrations about how difficult it feels to deeply connect with people now. It’s one of those songs where you learn a lot about yourself that you probably otherwise wouldn’t have without this additional point of view.

After jaunting across the pond for a few dates in the UK and The Netherlands, Ayer will be hitting the road in the US with Matt Simmons in November. You can grab tickets and more info over on his website.