[SONG OF THE DAY] Allie X - "Little Things"


We’re a little over a month out before pop powerhouse Allie X unveils her latest project, Super Sunset. In the meantime she slipped us another taste of what’s to come in the form of, “Little Things”, a song where X cries out for a different perspective other than the one that’s starting to drive her up the walls. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed prior singles for this project, “Science”, “Not So Bad In LA”, and “Focus”, there are so many little things about this new single that I simply adore. Almost instantly you know the level of intimacy you’re about to get in the song as she opens with, “I put my head on my shoulders / Try to be someone yeah”. She proceeds to to open up about how obsessing over minuscule details prevents her from truly feeling comfortable with being herself and seeing the things around her for what they really are. It feels like with every album she peels off more layers to reveal her true self and honestly her vulnerability is greatly appreciated.

Super Sunset comes on the heels last year’s CollXtion II and will be available for your earholes on October 29th.

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