[SONG OF THE DAY] Big Data - "Unglued"

big data 2019.jpg

Happy weekend cute people! Yep I’m committing to weekend updates moving forward so lucky you!

I couldn’t possibly go another second without making sure you checked out the latest from my favorite Black Mirror pop star, Big Data. This newest offering from his forthcoming album, 3.0, “Unglued”, is about losing your mind but not necessarily solely in the traditional sense. It’s also about uploading your brain/consciousness and it going completely wrong.

While the majority of his debut full-length 2.0, featured primarily guest vocals, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much project brainchild Alan Wilkis has been feeling himself more and offering up his vocals for 3.0. It’s like he’s pulling a reverse Calvin Harris and I’m HERE FOR IT. KEEP IT UP, DUDE!