[SONG OF THE DAY] Future Unlimited - "Falling"

photo courtesy of the bands  Instagram

photo courtesy of the bands Instagram

Of all the things I was excited to see in my Release Radar last Friday, I was totally unprepared for a new track from Nashville synth-pop rockers Future Unlimited. They basically had completely fallen off the radar after dropping their 2016 EP, Calm Down. Unbeknownst to me because I have too many band babies to keep track of, they very casually resurfaced briefly back in October, playing a show in Nashville that featured a new lineup and new songs.

Apparently their launch strategy for these aforementioned new songs is:

  1. Get song to music distributors

  2. Casually post on social media about the songs

  3. Don’t respond to press when they reach out excitedly for more info

Cause I got NOTHING, fam. Like literally everything I just told you is all that anyone appears to know, which is terribly frustrating when you’re trying to be thorough in your info spreading and support.

I’m no monster though, even with barely anything to work with, “Falling” is so good that for now that’s really all you need in your life to start your Monday off right.

Believe me when I say I will not rest until I have more info for you about what is going on with these guys.

More soon!