I’m excited to share the latest from Los Angeles pop songstress, EMM. Following her prior single, “11”, this new track, “Adderall”, tells the unfortunate story of a relationship that she was involved with earlier in her career with a person who was a drug addict. Speaking on the song, EMM explained, “This song is a reflection on some of my uneducated decisions early on in my career. I put a lot of faith in some people who valued their relationship with substances over my career, and I ultimately paid the price for it.”

Written alongside her favorite collaborators Zoe Fisher and Taylor Wilzbach, “Adderall” was EMM’s way of healing from the experience. The gritty pop number tackles the realities of the pharmaceutical world we live in and how damaging it can be – for both the users and the people who are affected by their choices. As she shared, “It was extremely hard for me because I cared deeply about the person and it’s really heartbreaking to see someone wrestle with addiction.”