[SONG OF THE DAY] Dan D'Lion - "~treading water~"

Dan D'Lion 2018

Alt-pop sensation in the making Dan D’Lion has resurfaced after dropping his debut single, “Give What You Take” back in November. If “Give What You Take” was Dan putting his best foot forward, this new tune, “~treading water~”, is him firmly putting both feet on the ground to let us know he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Y’all, I’m so here for this in the biggest fucking way.

As much as it’s really easy to be taken with his voice, Dan is one hell of a producer. The way that he manages to carefully layer together these ear-perking textures before we even get to the vocals and vulnerable lyrics is just such a delight for your eardrums. Definitely treat yourself to this song with the best pair of headphones that you’ve got. I love how specific he was placing certain sounds. It really helps to maintain your well-deserved undivided attention.

Very much looking forward to hearing what else he’s got in his arsenal. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.