[SONG OF THE DAY] tiLLie - "faith"

tiLLie 2019


I dunno about you, but I could use some posi-pop something fierce today. It has been a WEEK.

Enter: Los Angeles power pop songstress tiLLe and her brand new single, “faith”, which dropped this very day. “faith” is the lead single form her forthcoming EP, which will be dropping later this spring. Within the first 15 seconds of pressing play on this you’ll be able to tell why I was in love with this instantly, but actually it goes a lot deeper than just the infectious blend of sultry vocals and infectious bubblegum pop production. tiLLie is fam because she handles her dark and twisty shit the way I prefer to whenever possible: face it head on, dump a mountain of glitter on it, and dance on.

As she explained, “I wrote my new single ‘faith’ as a way of transcending a dark chapter of my life. After leaving the abusive relationship detailed in my previous EP, the trauma still haunted me and at times, justice felt damn near impossible.”


She went on, “Faith is not about giving up the plight for justice, but remaining confident in the fact that shitty people will eventually show their true colors and bring upon themselves the karma they deserve. “

We love herrrrrrr!!!!! 😭✨😭✨😭✨😭✨

If you could use a #posiparty #irl, you’re in luck. Starting in March tiLLie will be hitting on the road supporting Cherry Pools. The more body glitter for these shows, the better! (If you’re in NYC and happen to forget, don’t worry, I gotchu ✨😎)

tiLLie on tour in support of Cherry Pools

3/06/19 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern

3/07/19 - Portland, OR - Lola's Room

3/09/19 - San Francisco, CA - Brick + Mortar

3/11/19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo

3/12/19 - San Diego, CA - Casbah

3/14/19 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar

3/15/19 - Tucson, AZ - 191 Toole

3/18/19 - Dallas, TX - Cambridge Room

3/19/19 - Houston, TX - Bronze Peacock

3/21/19 - Austin, TX - Stubbs Jr

3/24/19 - Atlanta, GA - Purgatory

3/25/19 - Nashville, TN - High Watt

3/27/19 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506

3/28/19 - Washington, DC - DC9

3/29/19 - Philadelphia, PA - Voltage

Lounge 3/30/19 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge

4/01/19 - Boston, MA - Great Scott

4/02/19 - Pittsburgh, PA - Smiling Moose

4/04/19 - Detroit, MI - Shelter

4/06/19 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Stache

4/08/19 - Cleveland, OH - Cambridge

Room 4/09/19 - Columbus, OH - Basement

4/11/19 - Chicago, IL - Schubas

4/12/19 - Milwaukee, WI - Shank Hall

4/14/19 - St. Paul, MN - Amsterdam Hall

4/16/19 - Kansas City, MO - Encore

4/17/19 - Denver, CO - The Globe

4/18/19 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court