[SONG OF THE DAY] Ekkah - "Just A Thing"


You know what time it is. IT’S VIBE OCLOCK ON FRIDAY, CUTE PEOPLE!

Been longer than a minute since I checked in on disco-funk duo Ekkah. When last I heard from the pair they had just released their “Ekkah x Real Love” single back in 2016. Fortunately for us they’ve resurfaced this year, dropping “Homesick” early in January under my nose. Today brings us a new track, “Just A Thing”, which is a nice way to end a mostly-unintentional Valentine’s Day themed week. The duo enlisted the likes of SG Lewis and Phairo to collaborate with them on the track and as you’ll hear for yourself it is quite the lovely pairing.

Speaking on the track, the band explained, “‘Just A Thing’ is a song about a relationship that never quite took off. It's about not expecting too much from another person, you don't always have to fall in love, it was just a thing and that's cool sometimes!”